Judy Milstead

Master Key Experience:  Week 5

Over the past month members of The Master Key Experience class have earnestly contemplated and documented our innermost desires and the specific actions required to achieve true happiness and success in our lives.  Learning that our subconscious mind actually makes most of our decisions and the conscious mind has very little to do with the process, my eyes were opened to an entirely new method of processing thoughts and making decisions.  One of our assignments is to read and study the book, The Greatest Salesman In The World, by Og Mandino.  I learned it is a law of nature that only a new habit can replace an old habit.  So, I began to actively retrain my subconscious mind to develop good and positive habits that open the doors leading to liberty, spiritual growth and happiness.  It isn’t what I consider a hard task, but it requires time, practice, and patience. There is little difference between training your mind and training your body.  Both require dedicated time each day, determination, and an obsessive loyalty to the task.  I’ve learned that the few moments I spend each day developing the habits that result in the desires of my heart actually coming to fruition, are well worth it.  In the past I was a very impulsive, free spirited and easily influenced woman.  That behavior didn’t work very well for me.  Now, by changing my attitudes and opening my mind to the fact that I am the only one with the power to make me happy,  I’ve become an empowered woman,  and I have learned that another of nature’s laws is that healthy growth requires time.  If you prepare the soil, plant a seed, water and nourish it, you will in time, see a plant pop out of the earth and that small seed has the capacity to become a giant tree that serves a great purpose.  Nature doesn’t work on the spur of the moment; patience is always required.

To summarize, a few moments spent each day creating good habits is a small price to pay for happiness and success.  Have a great week everyone.  Peace and blessings!


Week 4 of my Master Key Experience Journey

Whew!  What a week this has been.  Time flies when your having fun!  I think someone else actually wrote that, but it’s certainly true.  My Momma used to tell me that when you get older time passes faster.  We all learned, when we were about 30 years old, that our Momma’s were a lot smarter that we ever gave her credit for being.  I believe my Momma would have been happy for me to be in this class.   Ms. Subby Conscious has been my decision maker since I was just a little thing and she’s been pretty difficult to deal with.  She kept telling me that I wasn’t smart enough, or good enough, or active enough, or motivated enough to be successful in life.  Now there’s a NEW farmer cultivating the furrows of my brain and she’s planting good thoughts and habits that are preparing me to receive wisdom and principles which will guide me out of the shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position, and happiness far beyond my most extravagant dreams.  Actually, someone else wrote that too, but it also is true.  The task at hand is not easy, but nothing worth having ever is. Again, not an original thought.  Hope ya’ll have a wonderful week.  Till next week… Adios.

Master Key Experience: Week Three

Judy Milstead

When I first began the Master Key Experience, and my online journey of self discovery and change, they asked the questions, “What is the true desire of your heart and what is your main purpose on this earth?”  To be perfectly candid, I just sat there with a blank look on my face and thought, I have absolutely no idea.  Over the past three weeks, I have received thought provoking comments from the training webinars and required readings that have punctuated the importance of digging deep within oneself, grabbing hold and pulling out the innermost obsessions of the heart.  The goal is to retrain the subconscious mind to forget negative seeds that were planted, over the years of our life, by outside influences.  “What is the oxygen for your soul?”  I’ve spent hours thinking about it.  I’ve been consistent with our brain-train exercises and they have actually started tugging on the Negative Nelly weeds from my subconscious mind and are replacing them with new, positive seeds.  I’ve learned that by consistently, repeating the same positive messages, Miracle Grow is nourishing those beautifully flourishing and positive thoughts that are the pathway to success and happiness. It excites my spirit!

It is my personal belief that we are all given different talents and by our own choices, we are placed on particular paths and encounter specific people.  How we use those talents is what determines our path.  If we chose to take on life as a series of learning opportunities we not only gain insight into the keys of happiness, but we gain the ability to help others receive those same blessings.  As a very young woman I became a single mom and remained single for many years.  There were people who, without being sought out, entered into my life and through pure random acts of kindness provided counsel that guided me to a career as a Registered Nurse, which allowed me to independently care for my children.  So, suddenly, out of the clear blue Texas sky, a cow bell rang in my head and I realized that one of my purposes to be on this earth, is to help single mothers become empowered women who will in turn help empower other women.  I believe that you should give in order to receive, and expecting to receive in return takes away the joy of giving.  That’s the way the people that helped me felt and I shall follow in their footsteps.  So there you have it, and in the weeks ahead my plan and blueprint for accomplishing this goal and others, plus my dreams for a happy and fulfilled life, is under construction.  I will share more of them in the weeks to come.  So have a wonderful week and, as we say in Texas, “Ya’ll come back now! 

Week Two Master Key Experience

Judy Milstead


So, I’m just a few days into the second week of my Master Key Experience online training and writing a blog each week is one of our assignments.  I have to say that at 69 years of age beginning an online class, on a Mac computer that I’m really just learning to use, and not being very tech savvy to begin with, I’ve experienced some challenges with this assignment.  As our hilarious instructor says, “Fa-geda-boud it,”  because it’s not going to discourage me!  I’m up for a good challenge and I’ll get the hang of this.  This class is actually amazing and I’ve already learned so much.  We are digging through the trenches of our subconscious minds and planting the seeds of GOOD HABITS and POSITIVE attitudes. Sure makes life a lot more fun when you focus on the positive and eliminate the negative.  Have a great weekend everyone.  See ya next week.